3.6.2 Recommended Exercise for Unity with the Body of the Transitional Stage (1)

Variation of the second step:
Along with the possibility mentioned above of focusing on the subtle-physical body, I would like to describe the following “dynamic“ way of working to get closer to it. After the preparation (1st stage of the exercise described above) we perceive our entire physical body through sensing. Now we pay attention to the varying qualities of breathing regarding inhaling, exhaling and breathing pauses. During inhaling our focus is directed to the sensation of the entire body. In exhaling we transfer our focusing to the subtle-physical body and breathe “out into it” – and indeed not in the way in which one blows up a balloon but rather we let our breath stream into all the cells of its body – like a waft. During inhalation we absorb the sensation of the entire physical body, and during exhalation place it at the disposal of the subtle-physical body.

In the breathing pauses we do something paradoxical. For once we do “nothing” because if we were to do something in this phase, that which has been transferred to the subtle-physical by the exhalation could not be effective. And yet we do actually have to do something namely be alert and focused on that which has developed in the breathing pauses and possibly on that which wants to “resound”, and enter into “resonance” with the cells of the physical body….  



In response to the question which methods are suitable to fulfill this task, the point recurs again and again whether one can with psychoactive drugs (e.g. psilocybin, mescaline and LSD) tap into levels of a “higher” consciousness, and whether what was experienced with that was “real” and “authentic”.

Such drugs are completely inappropriate as the basis of such a path since the experiences which occur are “chaotic“, and cannot intentionally be repeated so that systematic research is not possible. On the other hand, nevertheless, it has been reliably ascertained by the corresponding scientific research (see e.g. Grof) that subjects under the influence of psychoactive substances (e.g. psilocybin, mescaline and LSD) experience perceptions which are identical (or could be) with those which have been achieved through spiritual methods or occult talents. In contrast to the latter, those who are under the influence of those psychedelics are, however, not able to control what is going on.

The possibility that fundamentally it is feasible to perceive a stupendous range and multi-layeredness of consciousness is not disputed by specialists in the field. The Mother confirmed this: After she had perused reports by Hoffmann (the discoverer of LSD) about his experiences with LSD, and had “identified” with what she had read, she declared these to be experiences of a spiritual nature. She emphasized at the same time that it was dangerous to use these substances.



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