1.0 Why this publication? – An Introduction

1.0     Why this publication? – An Introduction

At the outset a comment about the name Mirra Alfassa: Sri Aurobindo called Mirra Alfassa “The Mother” and everyone since then who has been close to her work likewise calls her that.

Human evolution has not yet been completed in the form that people are nowadays. Sri Aurobindo and The Mother had a conscious and complete view as to what the result would be of the next phase of evolution which would find its most salient expression in the transformation of the physical body. Sri Aurobindo called the  consciousness which would achieve this transformation the “Supramental Consciousness”.

Whereas the goal was clearly recognized, for a long time there was complete uncertainty about what characteristics and abilities had to be developed in order to come into contact with the supramental consciousness. While Sri Aurobindo in his last book ‘The Manifestation of the Supramental’ (1948) still expressed the supposition that first of all the higher Mind needed to be trained and the psychic being developed, before the work on the transformation of the physical body could be begun, The Mother’s research in the years 1950 to 1973 (above all in the years 1967 to 1970) demonstrated without a doubt that it must be begun with the body. The Mother on the 17th of July 1968: “That's just what the body's transformation is about! It's when the physical cells become not only conscious, but RECEPTIVE to the true Consciousness-Force, that is, when they allow the working of that higher Consciousness. That's the work of transformation....Not so easy !”


24th May 1969: “There's the absolute CERTITUDE” (Mother clenches her two fists) “that there´s only ONE way out of all that, only ONE—only one, not two, there's no choice, there aren't a few possibilities, there's only one: it's ... the supreme Door. The Marvel of Marvels. All the rest ... all the rest is an impossibility.”

30th October 1971: ”It's a hundred times more marvelous than we can possibly imagine. We need to find the plasticity of matter—so that matter can progress forever. That's it.“

Her experiences and discoveries in this field remained until 1973 completely unknown to all her students – with the exception of Satprem – and only through the publication of Mother’s 13 volume diary (through Satprem) did they gradually become known. It emerged too that Mother on a subtle-physical level had created a body of which she stated that it represented a necessary in-between step which now had to be connected with the physical bodies of people before their transformation itself could take place. This publication concerns itself therefore with the question of in what way practical work on, with and through the body might look in order to become conscious of this in-between step, and makes some proposals as to how in a practical sense to work on the dawning of consciousness of the physical body: that entails using exercises.

In doing so the question is raised as to whether the yogic methods practiced and proven over many centuries (and other paths of a

Evolution of the Divine living within people Transformation of the physical body and the Perceptible Breath Experiences, Insights and Visions on the basis of the work of Sri Aurobindo, Mirra Alfassa and Ilse Middendorf
First published in the Internet On the 15th August 2001 a revised version is expected to be released in March 2019
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