3.6.1 The purging of the physical body

3.6.1    The purging of the physical body

In order to be able ascend higher Mind and spiritual levels, it is necessary to purge the outer being i.e. the outer Vital and Mind (almost identical with the notion of “ego”). In this point all spiritual and mental paths of the East and West agree however much they otherwise disagree.

The purging is not necessary therefore because the “ego” is “evil” or has to be condemned but rather alone because it “disturbs” the ascent, distorts the outcome, seduces people into misusing the skills they have obtained. For the “normal” human being the ego is necessary to survive in life.

The goal of the purging processes in all spiritual paths consists as a result in breaking the dominance of the ego (where required even to “eradicate” it), to educate it, and to subjugate it to the guidance of the psychic being. This process needs in general a lot of time, and only a few people have (had) the perseverance and the skills to go down this path with success.

The question now is whether in the attempt to unite the physical body with the subtle-physical that the external Vital and Mind likewise are disturbing just as they are in the search for the spiritual heights. The answer is the following: to get rid of them, but “differently” – and this disturbance is relatively easy to overcome!

Whereas on spiritual paths it is not sufficient to switch off the ego only during the period of meditation since an unpurged being would render worthless the results of the meditation; once outcomes have been achieved in the body they are no longer changeable (see the quote in chapter 3.6.2). So that 


means that work which transforms the body and the cell consciousness, can take place when it succeeds in pushing the (unpurged) Vital and Mind into the background only for the duration of the work. This is basically possible with the methods of the Experience of Breath after Ilse Middendorf, provided that the breath is permitted to come and go of its own accord.

So much for the processes for purging the ego. – Does that mean that we need no purging for the work on the body? Astounding as it may sound, The Mother speaks of a “Cellular mind”. This cellular mind is indispensable for their building up and maintenance just as the external Mind and Vital are for people’s lives in everyday life. There the problem lies. The cells of the body “do not think at all” of changing their mental program only because it has been demanded of us for the first time – after two to three million years – to do exactly like that. In the “eyes” of the cellular mind the new consciousness even represents at first a threat, since it is inevitable that it is connected with a radical change of the mental program up till now.

Now how can the Mind of the physical body likewise that of the cells be made to become “still“, and to relinquish their dominance of the physical body as well as the transformation. There is an analogy to the processes in “Integral Yoga”. On these paths a double striving is always necessary in order to make progress forwards. Firstly the aspiration (= the striving and the yearning) for the Divine, secondly the purging of the exterior being. – Here: firstly an increasing focusing on the subtle-physical body – secondly the striving to purge the cellular mind i.e. to quieten it.


Evolution of the Divine living within people Transformation of the physical body and the Perceptible Breath Experiences, Insights and Visions on the basis of the work of Sri Aurobindo, Mirra Alfassa and Ilse Middendorf
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