3.1 The most important stages of experiences up to now of the supramental consciousness and that of the Superman through The Mother

3.1    The most important stages of experiences up to now of the supramental consciousness  
         and that of the Superman through The Mother

In historical sequence:
1.  The Manifestation of the Supramental on the 29th of February 1956
2.  The manifestation of the consciousness of the “Future person“ on the 1st of January1969
3.  Mother’s contact to her body on the Supramental level on the 30th of August 1969
4.  Material Nature accepted the new Creation on the 14th of March and 9th of May 1970
5.  A significant experience of breathing on the 25th of March 1972

  1. The Manifestation of the Supramental on the 29th February 1956:

"This evening the Divine Presence, concrete and material, was there present amongst you. - I had a form of living gold, bigger than the universe, and I was facing a huge and massive golden door which separated the world from the Divine.

As I looked at the door, I knew and willed, in a single movement of consciousness, that 'THE TIME HAS COME', and lifting with both hands a mighty golden hammer I struck one blow, one single blow on the door and the door was shattered to pieces.

Then the supramental Light and Force and Consciousness rushed down upon earth in an uninterrupted flow.

The manifestation of the Supramental on Earth is no longer a promise rather a living fact, a reality. It is working here, and the day will come on which the blindest,  those with the least consciousness and even the most unwilling will be forced to recognize it.

One of the biggest victories will be the transformation of nature which seemingly is the most estranged from the divine. The supramental body which has to be called into


life possesses four main characteristics:

Ability to adap
and intensity of radiation .

If the physical body with the greatest care is rendered divine, it will always experience the sensation of walking on air, it will not contain any heaviness, Tamas (principle of inertia) or Unconsciousness. Also its adaptability will be without limitation: whatever the external circumstances are in which it finds itself, it will respond equally to any requirements because its total consciousness will drive out all this inertia and inabilities which usually makes material an ordeal for the spirit. Supramental flexibility will make it possible for him to endure the attacks of any hostile power which tries to seize it: it will not counter the attack with any dull resistance but will rather be in contrast so yielding that it neutralizes the power in that it lets it run past and miss. In this way it does not have to suffer damaging consequences, and even the deadliest of attacks will leave it uninjured. 

Evolution of the Divine living within people Transformation of the physical body and the Perceptible Breath Experiences, Insights and Visions on the basis of the work of Sri Aurobindo, Mirra Alfassa and Ilse Middendorf
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