3.4.2 The necessity of quietening the Mind and the Vital in the work on, with and through the physical body (in historical chronology)

3.4.2     The necessity of quietening the Mind and the Vital in the work on,
              with and through the physical body
 (in historical chronology)

The Mother on the 3rd of June 1968: „The mind and vital have been instruments to . . . knead Matter—knead and knead and knead in every possible way: the vital through sensations, the mind through thoughts—knead and knead. But they strike me as transitory instruments which will be replaced by other states of consciousness.
You understand, they are a phase in the universal development, and they will be ... they will fall off as instruments that have outlived their usefulness.
So then, I had the concrete experience of what this matter kneaded by the vital and the mind is, but WITHOUT vital and WITHOUT mind . . . It's something else.”

In the description of her experiences in August and September 1967 The Mother spoke from the “exclusion“ of the Mind and the Vital. Somebody put a question about that: “Why do they have to be eliminated so that a rapid and effective transformation of the body can take place? Doesn’t the supramental consciousness also have an effect on them (the Mind and the Vital)?”

The Mother replied to that on the 21st of December 1968: „Certainly it acts! It's ALREADY been acting, for a long time. It's because the body is used (was used) to obeying the vital and especially the mind, so it's to change its habit, to make it obey the higher Consciousness alone. That's why. It's to make things go faster. 
In people, that acts through the mind and vital—and as I 


said, it's safer that way. As an experience it's rather risky, but it makes things move considerably faster, because normally you must act on the body through those two, whereas in that way, with them absent, That acts directly. That' s all.
As questions go, this one is innocent.

The process isn't to be recommended! Every time I have an oppor­tunity, I say so: people mustn't imagine they should try to do that (they couldn't, but that doesn't matter), it's not recommended. One should take the time needed. But that was because of the number of years . . . to make things go faster.”

1st January 1969: „ These two, the vital and the mind, care very little—very little—for the body's well-being: it's merely an instrument meant to be used, and it just has to obey. But the body feels much freer than      before. That' s one of the reasons why they were sent away, it's not merely to go faster—we said it was for the speed of the work, but it's not merely that, it's because the body left to itself has so much more practical common sense.... I don't know how to explain. An extraordinary STABILITY.

The only thing in it that was a little morbid was this physical mind, the body-mind, which Sri Aurobindo regarded as impossible to change—it was very stubborn, but you see, it's the one that has done the work, it has worked out the change.”

Evolution of the Divine living within people Transformation of the physical body and the Perceptible Breath Experiences, Insights and Visions on the basis of the work of Sri Aurobindo, Mirra Alfassa and Ilse Middendorf
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