3.6.2 Recommended Exercise for Unity with the Body of the Transitional Stage

3.6.2    Recommended Exercise for Unity with the Body of the Transitional Stage

I am proposing that you carry out the following exercise sitting on a stool or also standing – or in alternation between sitting and standing.

It would be interesting to try it out while lying down since here we are indeed not concerned with (as we usually are in the Perceptible Breath) with the training of an ego whose working out sitting or standing positions are the most suitable. Those, who without  problems (of pain) cannot squat on a stool should try out a supine posture. One possible disadvantage of this, however, consists in the unavoidable drive of the body to change its position, which causes in each case an impression of sensing which might be distracting. This urge to move is also present when sitting due to the miniscule movements through the so-called sitting bones (in general in a breathing rhythm) possibly the legs too, but they cause as good as none additional sensations, and are as a result not disturbing.

The proposed work consists of two parts.

1st Part:

Through suitable methods of breathing exercises which permit the breath to come and go of its own accord, a state of breathing will be entered into which is characterized through the focusing on the sensation of the total physical body, and the respiration coursing through it which is achieved. The Mind and the Vital are quietened by that and in the course of time it is possible to bring them ever closer to silence.

The breathing work which up till now has been termed “silencing thoughts“ which always included too the silencing of the Vital is an appropriate exercise.


2nd Part

Now focus yourself on the available subtle-physical body which The Mother formed. It is not “somewhere” but rather (in the first approximation) identical with the contours of our own physical body. Let yourself be guided by your breathing. It will (slowly or suddenly) receive a perception of something which is novel but is also itself. Don`t try to mentally categorize and to name it, remain completely in your sensations. Avoid too your Vital beginning to jump with joy. Reject it as described above. Remain completely involved in your bodily sensation.

In this phase of the Mind becoming quiet and the Vital (the ego) as well as the stirrings of the inner being, there lies a difference to the “classical” work with the Perceptible Breath. During the latter one pays attention normally (i.e. for most people) not only to the effect on the body, but also to the psyche and/or on the inner being. In this respect we are treading on virgin territory in this way of exercising.

A process of “illusion” is not meant by this process described above of  “focusing oneself on the subtle-physical body”. Illusions are mental processes which slowly bring about what one had imagined to oneself. The body formed in the subtle-physical by The Mother exists already in reality so that one can focus on it and perceive it at a sensory level.

Should fatigue occur during the work, assume one of the of the well-known resting positions. Continue to reject, however, the Mind (judgments) and the Vital (feelings); remain in the sensation. After a break, focus first of all on sensing the entire physical body, and then on the subtle-physical level.

Evolution of the Divine living within people Transformation of the physical body and the Perceptible Breath Experiences, Insights and Visions on the basis of the work of Sri Aurobindo, Mirra Alfassa and Ilse Middendorf
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