3.4.1 The required abilities and characteristics of the body - Heightening of its ability to sense, receptiveness, ability to focus as well as its ability to surrender and attentiveness

3.4.1   The required abilities and characteristics of the body
           - Heightening of its  ability to sense, receptiveness, ability
           to focus as well as its ability to surrender and attentiveness

From all the functions which are required to make the body able to experience more consciously and to transform itself, the ability to feel is the most important. According to the experiences of The Mother it may become so significantly refined and increased, that through the finest nerve endings in the physical body connections can be established to the subtle-physical level.

The receptiveness of the body and cells to absorb and as well as the ability to focus are necessary elements for that; on the one hand they make it possible to sense something, on the other to grow by themselves when one works on the ability to sense. So they are elements which mutually condition and promote each other. This is also true for the ability to surrender and conscious awareness.

Parallel to the abilities and characteristics mentioned above, further ones grow which have an effect not only directly on the physical body as well on the ego too and the emotional/psychological as the inner being. They are amongst others: presence, the ability to differentiate, honesty, plasticity and receptivity

The following quotes underscore the importance of these elements in the work in and with the body likewise bodily consciousness.

1958 The Mother: “One can even state that it is a form of sensing which is refined, subtle, clear, bright, sharp and profound and opens the door much wider to you than the even the most subtle explanations. And when we take the experience a little further so it appears that 


when you reach the work of the transformation of the body, if some cells of the body, which are more prepared than others, more refined and subtle and flexible, if they begin to feel concretely the presence of the Divine Grace, of the Divine Will, of the Divine power  as well as the revelation which is not intellectual but rather a revelation through identity, if you perceive this even in the cells of the body, then the experience is so total, so irresistible, so lively, concrete and real that everything else appears to be like a mere dream.“

4th December 1968: „But the body isn't mistaken, it knows what it is. It knows what it is. And it knows one thing, that it's only when (and because) it can be absolutely peaceful—peaceful like something completely trans­parent and still—that this Power can act. The body knows. It knows the only thing asked of it is that total, transparent stillness.”

17th July 1968: „That's just what the body's transformation is about! It's when the physical cells become not only conscious, but RECEPTIVE to the true Consciousness‑Force, that is, when they allow the working of that higher Consciousness. That's the work of transformation....Not so easy !”

4th April 1970: „The body (when I go into contemplation like that), there is a moment when the word "anguish" is too strong, much too strong, but the impression is of being on the verge of the unknown—the unknown, the ... something.

Evolution of the Divine living within people Transformation of the physical body and the Perceptible Breath Experiences, Insights and Visions on the basis of the work of Sri Aurobindo, Mirra Alfassa and Ilse Middendorf
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