3.2 The question of the „how“ of unifying the physical and subtle-physical body (2)

  1. or people who have already penetrated more deeply into Sri Aurobindo’ s works and the yoga of The Mother, it may at first be disconcerting that I here so emphasize the “gaps” in the huge consciousness of Sri Aurobindo and of The Mother. I do this because I think that this surprising fact means something. I suppose that this meaning is (for whatever reasons) the task of human beings to discover, to develop and carry out that procedure of which The Mother said that it was unknown.

    According to Sri Aurobindo people as they are now are have the possibility for the first time in the course of evolution to be present consciously during this process, to be informed of its results even before that process has actually begun. In my opinion that is also the reasoning behind the task.

    In the last years of her research The Mother had emphasized the importance of the physical body in this process. So it is our task to become conscious of this physical body. Not in the sense of abstract knowledge or in a scientific way but rather in the form of direct experience and experiencing in the body. In that respect precisely the people who are spiritually highly developed who are wary of the material or of transferring those yoga methods already known to them to this work. I think it would be precipitate to assume that tried and tested experiences concerning spiritual levels may be simply transferred to the procedures (the subject of this publication) with the


    supramental. Sri Aurobindo made it quite clear that the supramental consciousness in its structure and being is completely different from mental consciousness. So what justifies the assumption that the pre-conditions and procedures required for a spiritual and soul development can be transferred to the supramental development?

    In the dawning of consciousness of the body, sport and physical education are important. They are less suited, however, to develop the necessary finer ability to sense and receptiveness. A suitable method is the Perceptible Breath which is able to develop a consciousness of sensing also to the depths, to the cells, brings about a major receptiveness in the physical body and (during the Experience of Breath) can quieten the Vital and the Mind or bring them completely to silence.

    An important criterion in the question of “how” is that the procedure which is found needs to be simple. Everything which creates greatness is simple. The basic principles of life are not complicated – what is difficult are the scientific abstractions of them. The liver, for example, in its structure a straightforward organ, is in a position to let 1, 000 different chemical processes take place simultaneously, of which many are still not understood by state-of-the-art chemistry, and for whose technical implementation a factory building of the size of a number of football fields put together would be required.

Evolution of the Divine living within people Transformation of the physical body and the Perceptible Breath Experiences, Insights and Visions on the basis of the work of Sri Aurobindo, Mirra Alfassa and Ilse Middendorf
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