3.3 Diverse interconnections and Indications of the Perceptible Breath regarding The Mother’s goals (2)

I found this “different breath“ so natural and self-evident that during this experience I was not at all even conscious that this was a very different breathing from the normal. It was clear to me that this breathing “feeds” the body. This was so self-evident that I devoted myself to phenomenon which seemed unusual to me in contrast to that.

At first there was a sensation that the body had entered into a “higher vibration“. I became aware of the fact that the body i.e. the cells of the body “vibrate” through the cells swinging “quicker” than before. Not very much quicker but still clearly perceptibly “higher”. It is however not a vibration which has something to do with the “Brownian molecular movement”. It was a vibration which I at the same time sensed at the same time as unmoved. A contradiction which the Mind cannot bridge.

I felt myself all in all much lighter. The influence of gravity appeared to have disappeared. I considered my body (with closed eyes) and perceived that I was able to see into it. According to where I concentrated myself, I looked at organs, cells and systems. Indeed I shifted the center of my concentration continually but I saw everything simultaneously 

and my view “of the whole” was not reduced through that. I enjoyed this ability and was pleased about it.

Everything was very quiet, peaceful and I was conscious at the same time of my universal expansion while I looked at my body from inside.


own physical eyes – indeed more than realistic since I saw everything not only in its entirety but also in detail at the same time and eyed it with a sharpness which allowed me to perceive the bodily material as “over-realistic”.

During the entire time I was aware that this was a very unusual experience. On the other hand it all appeared to me self-evident. No “ah” and “oh”, no astonishment, no questions. Perhaps this was the reason that it lasted for some two minutes – a long time when time no longer exists. In my subjective consciousness I remained in this state for some twenty minutes in this state. As I fell back into my normal consciousness, I knew that I had been entrusted the task of devoting myself to the Experience of Breath, whereby I was conscious that I had perceived the goal of a path but not the path itself.

In his book ‘Savitri’ Sri Aurobindo spoke of a new breathing: “And you shall have opened to you the hidden eternities, the breath of that which never ends, which has never yet been revealed…”

Later I discovered in relation to “seeing”, a statement The Mother made on the 1st of December 1971 which strongly reminded me of my own experiences: „And then,  for sight, for instance, sometimes I see more clearly with my eyes closed than with them open, and the vision is the SAME, physical, purely physical vision; but a physical that seems . . . more complete, I don't know what words to use.”

Evolution of the Divine living within people Transformation of the physical body and the Perceptible Breath Experiences, Insights and Visions on the basis of the work of Sri Aurobindo, Mirra Alfassa and Ilse Middendorf
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