3.4.1 The required abilities and characteristics of the body - Heightening of its ability to sense, receptiveness, ability to focus as well as its ability to surrender and attentiveness (1)

And that's becoming constant. So there is the awareness that there's only one solution for the body, it's ... total surrender—total. And in that total surrender it realizes that that vibration (how can ,. I explain ? ), that vibration is not one of dissolution, but something .. . what?. .. The unknown, completely unknown—new, unknown.

19th February 1969: „The body is very conscious of its infirmity—and of the Grace. For instance, there are painful, difficult moments, but it's per-fect-ly aware that it's because of its incapacity to open, to give itself, to change. And a profound joy, VERY CALM, but very vast—vast, you know, the cells feel a broadening. That goes on increasing little by little. It's only when there's a physical pain or something a little acute that the body is obliged to hang on, otherwise ... And even that comes from this idiotic spirit of self-preservation (Mother laughs) in the depths of any cellular consciousness—it knows that. It knows it. It's an old habit. But all that, little by little (little by little, but in reality very fast—very fast), is changing.

All the groups of cells, all the cellular organizations have to do their ... not "surrender," a complete self-abandon, in complete trust. That's indispensable. For some, it's the spontaneous, inevi­table, constant movement; with others, it comes as soon as there's a difficulty; yet others need to be churned a little in order to learn. So then, the various functions are taken up in turn, in a


marvel-ously logical order, following the body's functioning. It's something marvelous, only the body is a poor thing, very poor thing—that's very true.”

19th February 1969: „I am entirely convinced that things are as they must be, and that it's simply the body that lacks suppleness, tranquillity, trust.... So I can't even say that things grate (they don't grate at all), but ... You understand, the work consists in changing the conscious base of all the cells—but not all at once! Because that would be impos­sible; even little by little is very difficult: the moment when the con­scious base is changed is ... There is almost a sort of panic in the cells, and the impression, "Ooh! What's going to happen?" And since there are still lots and lots of them ... So now and then, it's difficult. It's by group, almost by faculty or part of faculty, and some of them are a little difficult.”

20th November 1963:"You want TERRESTRIAL results ? Well, these are far more consid­erable in their quality than you can see." And indeed, I saw small, very small things, movements of consciousness in Matter, tiny little things that were . . . truly astounding in their quality, and that are never noticed because they are totally unimportant (outwardly unimportant). Only if you observe in a most tenuous way do you notice them, because they are, in fact, phenomena of conscious­ness in the cells—are you conscious of your cells ?

Evolution of the Divine living within people Transformation of the physical body and the Perceptible Breath Experiences, Insights and Visions on the basis of the work of Sri Aurobindo, Mirra Alfassa and Ilse Middendorf
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