3.5 Correspondence between the elements of work in the methodology of The Mother (to transform the body) and the Perceptible Breath after Ilse Middendorf (2)

  1. An effective method to gradually bring them (completely) to “silence” is to tell them immediately when they show up: “Not now – it’s your turn later.” When one keeps this promise (!) – and that is essential – which entails after the breath work itself or at a later point in time  to give the Vital and the Mind opportunities to report their commentaries and wishes; then both accept that during the work itself they should not interfere.

    To reach such a state totally is indeed no easy undertaking, but when compared with the periods which it takes in general for the cathartic processes in yoga to take place, it can be achieved in a shorter time.

    Along with the necessity to bringing the Vital and the Mind to silence, it should be emphasized from the experiences of The Mother that as a priority five abilities likewise characteristics have to be developed and built up for the work on, with and through the physical body: the abilities to sense, receptiveness, the ability to focus, as well as its abilities to surrender and attentiveness.

    These five elements are however the basis and the elements of the work with the Experience of Breath after Ilse Middendorf. So with that, there exists a fundamental connection between the matters of concern to The Mother and the possibility to work absolutely practically towards their realization on the basis of the physical body


    and of the breath, in fact as The Mother stressed the single, possible path to transformation.

    It has become apparent since 1997 of breathing work and in the corresponding conversations with Ilse Middendorf, that the time has come not only to concern ourselves for the most part with the connections which breathing can build up both to the psyche and the inner and psychic being, but rather to put the physical body itself and its consciousness  (not like as up till now that the Leib (a term describing the total body “imbued with soul” too) at the center of the breathing work, and thereby to focus totally on the subtle-physical body as developed by The Mother. 

    Does the breathing have to be developed further or changed in order to get closer to this goal? As this publication demonstrates, one can answer this question with a resounding negative. The breath only has to work consistently on the basis of its own fundamental principles and to remain entirely in its sensations. – The “new” in that is the consistent rejection of the Mind and the Vital whose concerns have always up till now been considered in the breath work to a certain extent. In order to assist the comprehension of those readers who are not familiar with The Perceptible Breath, I shall make clear the most important terms in it and describe them briefly as follows. 

Evolution of the Divine living within people Transformation of the physical body and the Perceptible Breath Experiences, Insights and Visions on the basis of the work of Sri Aurobindo, Mirra Alfassa and Ilse Middendorf
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