3.6.1 The purging of the physical body (1)

This quietening of the cellular mind can be achieved by the breath – and presumably only by it – because only it can help to develop a sensing consciousness intensified in this way, which can reach the cells, indeed which even can go beyond the barriers of the nervous system, and is able to construct connections to the subtle-physical level.

It is a significant characteristic of breathing at least when it is allowed to come and go of its own accord i.e. not directed that it possesses its own intelligence. Ilse Middendorf speaks of the work on the “mainsail of breath”. Such breathing is always pleasant, harmonious, tranquillizing, harmonizing. It can and will lead finally to the silence of the ego and of the cellular mind. This is then the “decisive moment” in which the consciousness of the subtle-physical body can enter without it being rejected in a type of shock reaction or becoming over-excited due to too little receptiveness and the “friction” associated with that..

So the purging of the physical body consists in making it sensing and receptive with the intention of perceiving the cell consciousness and quietening it – and perhaps even winning it over to cooperation. Everything else will be achieved by the consciousness of the subtle-physical body as well as Divine grace.

At this point an astounding reaction sets in. The ego which does not feel its existence to be threatened since no suggestions and rules at all are made to it or must restrict it, and as a result the ego gains so much happiness in the aspects of research, of adventure and in the progress of its 


owner, that it is increasingly available for cooperation which would bring about a transformation of the ego in the sense of a purging. This has with certainty a healing effect on the entire organism and being – surely positive too for existing illnesses and leads to an increase in the stability of health. The “cooperation” consists as a consequence of the external Vital and Mind being prepared at certain times (the work with breath) to retreat completely into the background. Then people would experience that not only as has been the case in the breathing work up till now, that “the healing of illnesses takes place at the margins” (Cornellis Veening) but rather also that they would recognize  that a (certain degree of)

           purging of the ego 
             as well as a (certain) development of 
               the inner and psychic beings

                   takes place at the margins!

Even when these processes in individual cases do not take place exactly as described above, the problem of the purging of the ego will show itself completely differently than has been the case up till now, assuming that the body has already been awakened to a new consciousness. Because the necessity of inner and psychic growth continues to exist after the awakening of the physical body, but from that point in time onwards under completely new pre-conditions which makes it easy for the ego to consent and participate in the process of its purging, or at least not to defend itself against that process. The inner being obtains through that more space to express itself and the curtain behind which the psychic being hides itself becomes thinner.

Evolution of the Divine living within people Transformation of the physical body and the Perceptible Breath Experiences, Insights and Visions on the basis of the work of Sri Aurobindo, Mirra Alfassa and Ilse Middendorf
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