3.2 The question of the „how“ of unifying the physical and subtle-physical body (1)

  1. The work has to take place exclusively with and through the physical body. The competencies required which are necessary to develop and increase it are the ability to sense, receptiveness, ability to focus as well as attentiveness. According to the experience of The Mother the ability to sense and of the most significance, and she repeatedly points out that that the Vital and Mind disturb this ability to sense if they do not (completely) recede into the background. It cannot be fully ruled out that even feelings of the inner being can disturb this purely physical work sensing.

    Sri Aurobindo’s suppositions in this respect have proved to be very problematic. He argued that in the search for “how it [the work] will go forward”, it would prove to be impossible to begin the work with and on the physical body before the higher Mind were clearly raised into consciousness, and the psychic being had further developed and taken over the guidance of life. In addition, if reading the corresponding passages only superficially (above all in ‘The Manifestation of the Supramental’) the impression could come about that he had not made these statements as suppositions but rather spoken of concrete facts.

    First through the diaries of The Mother did the recognition gradually replace his ideas that – as The Mother stressed –that in the physical body lie the key and the door to supramental consciousness unlike Sri Aurobindo’ s supposition. For many of his followers it appears to be difficult to take in this finding, and to break away from endeavors for spiritual growth, and to apply themselves to the physical body especially as none of them knew exactly how such a path would look. The Perceptible Breath represented – as far as I 

    To return to what The Mother said about “how“: from what she said it cannot be concluded that the work on the inner being and the 


    psychic being is unnecessary. Of course that it is not. For a new transformed body should be lived in by a conscious psychic being, and not be an instrument of a superficial ego.

    As a result the following differentiation is important: apparently The Mother had discovered that the cells of the body themselves, likewise what she called the “cellular mind” have to be transformed, and that these are indispensable in a process of the body and not in a process of the spirit or of the soul! Processes of the spirit and of the soul are imperative so that “new land” can be appropriately inhabited. The access to the “new material” will be reached however, by way of the dawning of consciousness of the “old material”.

    The Mother did not only have this realization but rather had also already formed a body at the subtle-physical level (with the assistance of Sri Aurobindo from the “other” side). This body waits only to be recognized and permitted. The question of “how” posed in this chapter relates to the way forward and the requirements to make contact with this subtle-physical body. This does not yet represent the (definitive) transformation to the supramental body!

    Along with the uncanny fact that in the physical body of humankind an evolutionary process of consciousness is in motion which according to Sri Aurobindo is unique in the material cosmos, there is something else which is also meaningful for me – and so I mention it here once again: it is that while Sri Aurobindo and The Mother did indeed have profound insights into the occurrences of the processes which already revealed a supramental being and an in-between step on the way to that, but as to the question as to how this process and in what circumstances and with what pre-conditions it might take place, they had, according to their own accounts, no indications.

Evolution of the Divine living within people Transformation of the physical body and the Perceptible Breath Experiences, Insights and Visions on the basis of the work of Sri Aurobindo, Mirra Alfassa and Ilse Middendorf
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